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Plans and Pricing FAQ

How am I billed for my Cloud Servers?

We charge your subscription fee on pre-payment basis. Most LayerStack plans can be billed by monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The longer payment terms you commit, the cheaper the monthly average. The details are always kept up-to-date on our Plans & Pricing Page.

How to back up my Cloud Servers / CloudNet?

LayerStack’s Cloud Servers and CloudNet do not come with any backup service by default, but you could subscribe Acronis Offsite Backup service as an add-on. Apart from this, we always put all of the data on a high availability RAID array for redundancy.

What is the connection speed of my cloud server?

Connection speed that mentioned on each service plan represents the achievable speed, and it is intended to inform you as a customer about what you can expect from our services.

Is there any limit on the data transfer?

It depends, most of our service plans implements unlimited data transfer policy, except Cloud Servers “Lite” and “L008”. For those “Lite” and “L008” users, our automated system may limit your bandwidth, if traffic usage exceed the limitation amount on a monthly basis. This limitation will be reset every month. The details are always kept up-to-date on our Plans & Pricing Page.

What happens when I reach data transfer limit?

For those “Lite” and “L008” users, if you exceed your server's data transfer limit, you will be subjected to the connection speed control down to the minimum achievable speed of the plan you subscribed. You can check your data usage in Layer Panel. Also, you always have the option of moving to a larger plan for increasing the data limit.

What is the Bandwidth Fair Usage Policies?

LayerStack uses a Fair Use Policy (FUP) for its Cloud Servers and CloudNet to control the amount of data traffic. The FUP aims to prevent overload of the network, abuse and inconvenience to other users.

Does my Cloud Servers support multiple IP addresses?

Yes, but in order to avoid abusive usage, you will need approval from our customer service team.

How do I turn off auto-renewal?

LayerStack subscriptions that paid by credit card are set to auto-renew so that you don't experience any interruption in accessing your products or services. To disable auto-renewal, please contact our customer service team.

Why not have free trials?

Because it helps to keep our customers’ servers and network to the best performance from service abuses.

What is Premium China Route and Standard China Route?

Premium China Route
Premium China Network delivers traffic on LayerStack’s China CN2 network with minimum congestion and maximum performance.
Standard China Route
Standard China Network offers an attractively priced CN2 network connects to China for most general-purpose usage.

Which China Route I’m using?

All Hong Kong cloud server service plans (except Lite) are connected to the Premium China Route. Users can switch to an alternative route (Standard/Premium) manually by simply 1-click on LayerPanel if you are suffering from any connection problem.

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